How to Make a Self-Feeder for Goats
December 21, 2022

Feeders are an excellent way to give goats a healthy and steady source of food, but when it comes to making your self-feeder, you might find yourself struggling. However, with the right tools and an open mind, you can easily make your own self-feeder that will last for years.

What You Need

Making a self-feeder for goats is a great way to provide fresh, nutritious food without leaving the barn. The feeder can be made from just a few simple materials and is easily set up.

To make the feeder, you will need the following:

  • A sturdy frame or post
  • Some wire fencing or chicken wire
  • A gate or door that opens wide enough for the goats to enter and exit
  • A grate or platform to sit on top of the frame
  • Feed containers of various shapes and sizes (goat feed is typically grain-based, so any type of container will work)

Once you have all of the supplies gathered, it’s time to start assembling the feeder.

How to Build the Self-Feeder

Building a self-feeder for goats can be a fun and easy project. You will need some supplies, including a piece of plastic tubing, small mesh netting, PVC pipe, wire mesh, and some sturdy stakes.

  1. To build the self-feeder, cut the plastic tubing to the desired length. The tube’s circumference should be about two times the distance from one stake to the next (so, for example, if your tube is 10 inches long, it should be 20 inches in circumference).
  2. Cut a hole in one end of the tube.
  3. Measure and cut a piece of mesh netting about twice as wide as the tube’s circumference. Tie one end of the netting to one stake and tie the other end to another stake. Push the netting up through the tube hole, so it hangs below.
  4. Next, measure and cut a piece of PVC pipe slightly larger than the tube’s circumference. Cut a hole in one end of each pipe. Thread one end of each pipe through each hole in the mesh netting and stake outwards so that they form an X shape. Ensure that both ends of each pipe are hanging below by at least 2 inches.
  5. Repeat these steps with another piece of PVC pipe to create two more X shapes on either side of your feeder box.
  6. Finally, wire mesh or chicken wire, fence off an area around each X shape so that goats cannot get into the feeder. Place the feeder in your desired location, and hang the netting from the top of the PVC pipes.

Your self-feeder is now ready to use!

Tips for Using Self-Feeder

  1. Decide what you need your self-feeder to do. Some features you may want are:
  2. A place for the goats to eat and drink
  3. A way to keep the feed fresh
  • A holder for feed or hay
  1. Choose a container that is big enough for your needs and will fit your desired location. Some examples of containers include barrels, large plastic tubs, or dog food buckets.
  2. Find a way to attach the container to the wall or other sturdy surface. This can be with screws, nails, or wire ties.
  3. Fill the container with fresh feed and hay and set it up for your goats to use.
  4. Monitor your goats’ food and water intake regularly to ensure they get the nutrients and hydration they need.


From the above information, it’s clear that a self-feeder can be a great addition to any goat owner’s toolkit. By following the steps above, you can quickly build your self-feeder and have it ready to use in no time.